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History and current importance of hunting in Tapada

The importance of hunting in the Tapada goes back to its foundation due to the cynegetic potencial of this place. This practice has been linked to human nature since pre-historic times and it has developed from as indispensable activity to human survival or a need for food to a leisure practice associated to ehe love for nature and management of animal species.

The Tapada de Mafra has kept its initial characteristics of a hunting park for the Portuguese monarchs and today it’s a National Hunting Zone. In the Tapada this sport is carried out in total harmony with nature and it has been fitted into the planning and management of the existing species and population. This cynegetic activity manages to keep the balance of the different animal population which dwell in the Tapada and it simultaneously restrict the pressure of the animal population over the vegetation.

Hunting deers, fallow deers and wild boars takes place in particular times so as not interfere with the mating season of the animals, moreover it is open to a limited number of applications and the number of pieces for each hunter is set in each hunting day and depends on the species.

The type of hunting varies depending on the animals. Hunters wait to hunt wild boars during full moon nights from March till November while deers and fallow deers are selectively hunted in organized hunting from October to February. Hunters must make prior registration. For more information please contact us.

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